Need help making your teachers feel safe?

ClassWallet enables you to seamlessly get funds to teachers to purchase Covid-19 safety supplies so each teacher can buy additional supplies for an added level of security.

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ClassWallet offers a suite of functionalities that provides administrators with maximum control and accountability, and teachers with an easy-to-use platform to purchase Covid-19 supplies.

Our patented technology platform includes many features designed specifically for teacher funds management and procurement.  No other solution in the market offers the same level of control, accountability and efficiency.  

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Online Marketplace of Covid-19 Supplies

Pre-approval Capabilities

Reimbursement Management

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Used in 135,000 classrooms across 3,000 schools, and non-profits, state government and scholarship granting agencies.

ClassWallet is an SOC-certified organization that has been audited by an independent third-party compliance firm and accredited to have the appropriate SOC safeguards and procedures in place. This rigorous process ensures that we can provide our clients with the highest amount of security and reliability standards possible.

Audit-Ready Reporting Itemizing Each Purchase

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Video Testimonials

District CFO and Auditor explain why they use ClassWallet

Miami-Dade County & Mobile County Public Schools

Fiscal Services Senior Director,
“ClassWallet provides more control with less paper.”

Mountain View School District
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Purchase Card

Virtual classroom wallet

Online marketplace of pre-approved vendors

Capability to restrict purchases to Covid-19 supplies only

Capability to expand restriction to include school supplies and resources

Return of unspent funds

Reimbursement capabilities (if needed)

Debit card purchasing (if needed)

Pre-approval capabilities

SKU level data on every transaction

Audit ready reports itemizing purchasing in real-time and via csv download