Automated reconciliation of day-to-day maintenance spending in a completely paperless manner

The Only Solution Designed Specifically for K12 Maintenance Payments Management

Whether for nearby stores or eprocurement sites to fulfill work orders, ClassWallet’s unique capabilities ties purchases to work order and accounting systems in a completely paperless, automated way.

Get Accurate Maintenance Spending on a Per Building Basis

Accurately prorate by student count for ESSA reporting

No more guesstimating

Reconcile with any ERP and Accounting Software

A Solution that Works Like an Open Purchase Order...But
Without the Manual Reconciliation and Payment Processing

  • Create different profiles by department or user

  • Assign to work only with specific stores and vendors

  • Allocate spending limits across departments, users and stores guaranteeing budget fidelity 100% of the time
Fully automated
Easy reporting for compliance

Administrators get full tracking and backup documentation of every transaction

Remit and Reconcile Receipts to Work Orders and Accounting in a Snap

Maintenance crews remit receipts with a simple click and enter work order and/or accounting numbers using a mobile device

No more saving, bundling, remitting or risk of losing receipts

Reconcile the purchase against the work order and/or accounting number in real time

No more invoice reconciliation and payment since this is accomplished at point of sale

Reduce paperwork. Be more productive.

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The Only Way to Manage
Building Maintenance Expenses


ClassWallet is now in 20 states!s

Why Everyone Loves ClassWallet

"Very easy to use! This way I don't have to keep receipts, turn them in, get reimbursed, etc. ClassWallet eliminates all this red tape!"

 - D.L., Florida

"It was convenient and easy to keep track of how much of my budget I had spent."

 - M.S., Utah 

"I like best that there is no paperwork, no purchase orders and because it is SO EASY!! "

 - M.T., Alabama 

"What a game changer! The way it empowered me was top notch. "

 - T.T., Minnesota