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Administrators most often [require] parents to submit receipts. A more efficient process could be the utilization of an online environment which could allow administrators to tap into the various application programming interfaces (APIs) from online retailers that allow parents to access vendor goods through a third party website. An example of a firm that could be tapped for this type of system is ClassWallet.

AEI Research Paper
Education Savings Accounts: The Great Unbundling of K-12 Education

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ClassWallet offers a suite of functionalities that provides administrators with maximum control and accountability, and parents with an easy-to-use platform to spend their family grant and student scholarship dollars.

Our award winning platform includes many benefits designed specifically to make family grant and student scholarship management more accountable and efficient.

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Prepaid Card

Online Marketplace of Goods & Services

Pre-approval Capabilities

Reimbursement Management

Tuition Management

Traditional Prepaid Card Program


Virtual Wallet

Prepaid Card with ATM and MCC Code Restrictions

White Label and Black Label Merchants for Prepaid Transactions

Electronic Receipt Capture 

Mobile App 

Tuition Management

Fraud Dashboard

Online Marketplace of Pre-Approved Vendors & Service Providers 

Pre-Approval Capabilities

Service and Product Reviews and Information Sharing

SKU Level Data on Every Transaction

Automated Reconciliation with Annotation of Charges

Automated Reimbursement Management

Actionable Data

Business Intelligence

Configurable at the User Level

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Prepaid Card

ATM Restrictions

MCC Code Restrictions

Prepaid Card

Pre-Approval Capabilities

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