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Virtual Wallet

The Product

ClassWallet offers a suite of functionalities that provides administrators and parents an easy way to make electronic check tuition payments.

Our award winning platform includes many benefits designed specifically to make managing scholarship tuition payments more efficient.

Recognized by the American Enterprise Institute
as a Best-in-Class Solution for School Choice Management

Prepaid Card 

Electronic Check Endorsement

Reimbursement Management 

Electronic Tuition Check Payment

 Product Demonstration

Recognized by the Heritage Foundation as a "Pioneer in the Field of Private School Choice"  Click here to read article

Manual Check Cutting

Virtual wallet

Electronic check tuition payment

Electronic check endorsement for parents 

Automated electronic refund and clawback

Enrollment verification

Ability for schools to accept or reject payment

Pre-approval capabilities

Robust reporting and actionable data

Configurable at the user level

Mobile application for parents to check balance and transaction history

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Prepaid Card

ATM Restrictions

MCC Code Restrictions

Prepaid Card

Pre-Approval Capabilities

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Eliminate Paper Checks

Allow Parents to Endorse Electronically

Reduce Administration and Save Costs

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