Eliminate traveling with cash and reconciling bundles of receipts, and ensure your team always has the funds it needs for per diem expenses.

The Only Digital Wallet + Debit Card for Coaches and Student Athletes

Whether using the ClassWallet Debit Card or a personal card (to get the points!), ClassWallet’s unique capabilities turn team travel expense management into a cashless, paperless, automatically reconciled process.
ClassWallet has streamlined the process for our organization tremendously. Before we used to manage the entire process by reimbursement and it was a logistical nightmare. Now, through ClassWallet, our team members manage their own budgets an use the ClassWallet platform and Debit Card to purchase what they need and we get full reporting seamlessly.
Julia Bergen
State Director

Never Again

Save, bundle and remit paper receipts

Travel with cash

Manually track and reconcile trip expenses

How it Works

  • The coach and student athletes get a ClassWallet digital wallet account funded for the team trip.
  • The ClassWallet debit card draws against the digital wallet balance and can be used to pay for meals, other per diem expenses and travel costs.
  • Allow ATM withdrawal if coaches and team need access to cash.
  • All transactions are reconciled automatically and accessible in a reportable format detailed by user and trip.
Fully automated
Easy reporting for compliance

Administrators get full tracking and backup documentation of every transaction

Remit and Track Receipts in a Snap

Coaches remit receipts with a simple click

No more saving, bundling and remitting receipts
No more worrying about losing receipts

Save time and cost.  Reduce fraud

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The Only Way to Manage
Team Travel Expenses