Collect Fees in Cash at Local Retailers
Not in Classrooms

ClassWallet allows parents to pay school fees with cash at major retailers nationwide instead of bringing cash to the school building.

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  • Reduce administrative overhead and fraud that occurs with school money.

  • Remove cash collection from teachers’ duties.

  • Improve safety for students and staff.

  • Improve processes for accounting and school audits.

  • Ideal parent payment option for Title I schools.

ClassWallet has created a solution to a problem that we thought could never be resolved...
— Adam Fried

Superintendent Harrington Park School District

Getting Started with ClassWallet is Quick and Easy

No software integration required

School Fees Cash Payment: How it Works

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School Fees Paid at Nationwide Retailers Use Cases 

Student Information System API
available upon request

Field Trips
School Lunch
Class Events
Parents get a ClassWallet barcode.
Parents take the barcode to a participating retailer.
The cashier will scan the barcode, take the cash, and funds will settle into the school account fully reconciled by student and event.
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Make a School Payment at Your Local Retailer

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